O přízi Rosários 4


Rosarios 4 offers unique yarns that you cannot get anywhere else. If you are looking to make a garment that will really impress your friends and be something that very few people have then Rosarios 4 could be the perfect option for you.

Rosarios 4 are a Portuguese yarn company founded in 1979. They specialize in the production of dyed yarns, a tradition well known in Portugal. In recent years they have put a lot of time and invention into developing natural yarns using natural fibres such as bamboo, milk protein and corn. They have also developed a way of using natural dyes that are developed from vegetable parts and insect extracts with the aim of respecting the environment and being at balance with nature.

Each year Rosarios 4 presents two hand-knitting yarn collections Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer with new fashion trends and colours. The Certification set forth by the Quality Standard ISSO 9001 proved that they continue to maintain the standards and philosophy to the highest level.

Návody s použitím přize Rosários 4